Pak Wheels Events 2017-2018

Pakwheels is basically an online marketplace for car shoppers and sellers all over Pakistan. It is known for selling certified second hand and new cars through different local dealers & private seller. Atlas Battery has been associated with Pakwheels for quite some time and has been participating in different events hosted by them.

Sialkot Pakwheels 2017

Pakwheels usually conduct around 8 – 10 auto shows all over Pakistan in a year. Atlas Battery participated in 9 events in the past 9 months. The first show for 2017 was held in Sialkot on October. It was the first show since we joined Atlas Battery, so basically it was a big challenge for the new team. We had decided upon keeping the following activities for Pakwheels Sialkot:

  • Free Battery Check-up
  • Fire Dance
  • Facebook Check-ins

We landed in Lahore 2 days before the event and aligned all the meetings with the brand ambassador team. The brand ambassador teams were given trainings before the event about the brand and the questionnaire. The event was held in the outskirts of the city at ‘Taj Mahal Banquet’.

We reached the venue at 9:30 am in the morning to check the stall and to give a training session to the brand ambassadors and the host. After the training session, the brand ambassadors were sent to the parking area to conduct the free battery checkup activity. The free battery check-up was done for   252 cars and gifts were also distributed to them. There were two hosts, who were residents of Sialkot only. The reason for selecting hosts from Sialkot was that they would easily be able to communicate with the audience. As soon as the event started around 11:00 am, a lot of people started coming in and the host started engaging them through small quizzes and talk shows. Another activity at the stall was the Facebook check-in, which generated a lot of audience on our digital platforms.

The fire show episode of 10 minutes each were done every half an hour, which increased the footfall of the stall. There were more than 200-300 people on the stall at one time to see the performance, far more than the other stalls. The event continued till 8 pm which made our performance look even more artistic.

Islamabad Pakwheels 2017

The next Pakwheels event was held in Islamabad on the 26th of October 2017. The auto show was held in the midst of the city at Centaurus Mall Karachi. Atlas Battery marketing team reached Islamabad one day prior to the event and scheduled the interviews for the host. The host we selected was surprisingly a lawyer by professional and a very confident girl.

The activities planned for Islamabad Pakwheels auto show included the following:

  1. Free Battery Check – up
  2. Sparkistan Booth
  3. Horse Dance

To our astonishment, the Islamabad event did not start early. It started off at 2 pm and continued till 9 (which is late according to the Islamabad timings). The enthusiasm experienced in Islamabad was the best amongst almost all the Pakwheels that we participated in. The audience applauded and participated in every activity at the autoshow. The day started with battery checkups that were conducted from 550 cars in 5 hours. The most engaging activity in Islamabad was the horse dance. It not only gained huge footfall on the stall but was also thoroughly enjoyed by the Islamabadis. Audience participated on different activities at the stall like Sparkistan photobooth and check in activity, along with talent shows and horse dance.

Islamabad event was indeed the best Pakwheels events for Atlas Battery.

Lahore Pakwheels

Lahore has always been known to be the enthusiastic city of Pakistan. Atlas Battery was more than excited to be a part of Pakwheels Autoshow Lahore. We reached 2 days prior to the event & spent two next days for preparation of events. We had planned the famous ‘Bhaangra’ dance for performance in Lahore for which we did rehearsals for 2 days. Added to this, we also planned flash card and balloon activity for Lahore event.

The Lahore event was held at Liberty Market, which is one of the most famous markets in Lahore. The event started off at 9:00 am in the morning which was one of the earliest of all events. The reason was starting the event early was that Lahoris usually visit liberty market for breakfast early on Sundays. The battery check-ups started at 10 am and continued till evening. Around 943 free battery check-ups were done in Lahore, which shows the amount of audience that was present in Lahore. The stall activity in Lahore started at around 12 with a lot of participation in the talent show by people. Bhaangra performances started at 3 pm and were done every half an hour. People not only enjoyed it but also participated in it. Along with the bhaangra activity, flash card activity was also performed where AGS song play cards were moving all over the place. The balloons were also distributed to the children.

Faisalabad Pakwheels

Faisalabad Pakwheels was held in ‘D ground’ Faisalabad. The event at Faisalabad was supposed to start at 12 pm according to the time but it started at 4 pm. There were low audience till that time but Battery Checkup activity was going on as per schedule and around 663 battery checkups were done in total. Once the crowd started coming, the stall activity started. The first activity at the stall was Sparkistan photobooth, alot of people came took photos and got gifts. Once this was done, special cultural performance Jhumar dance was performed which engaged a lot of audience. The performance was a truest form of cultural dance of Faisalabad.

Karachi Pakwheels

Karachi Pakwheels was held at Port Grand Karachi. Port Grand has a lot of rush on weekends as it is famous for being Pakistan’s JBR Walk.