Movie Screening by Atlas Battery at Nueplex

One of the employee engagement activity done by Atlas Battery is movie screening for employees and their family members. This year, Atlas Battery marketing team hosted movie screening of ‘Allahyar & the legend of Maarkhor’ in Nueplex Karachi for its employees. The event was held on 17th March & premium show was booked for the employees. The movie screen tickets given to the employees included movie & coupons for popcorn & drink.

The movie screening was held on a Saturday so that employees can easy attend with their families. The movie was supposed to start at 4 pm so all the employees arrived 15 minutes before the stated time. Around 300 seats were available in the booked cinema and it was almost full. All the families were then distributed food coupons which they took and then went inside for the movie. Before the movie started, Sparkistan & Atlas Battery advertisements & Videos were played which were thoroughly enjoyed by the employees. After the advertisements, the movie started & continued for another 2 hours. The movie chosen was a film for children, this is because employees usually attend it with their children and so the movie chosen was relevant with the purpose of entertain families.

Atlas Battery is one of those caring employers that not only care for the employees but also include their families so that they feel a part of the organization. Activities like movie screening are usually very healthy activities for social bonding of employees. It is also a means for interaction for employees and their families.