Sparkistan 1.0

Sparkistan is a platform by Atlas Battery which celebrates the unsung heroes of this nation as well as the differently abled and their inspiring stories of triumph in the face of unsurmountable odds. These unsung heroes come from all walks of life from across Pakistan. Let us celebrate the spark within these extraordinary individuals to help others through the series of videos below.

Musarrat Misbah

Musarrat Mibah for years, has been busy enhancing the lives of acid vicitms through her Depilex Smil

Zafar Ahmed

Zafar Ahmed, who is a fire fighter by profession. His extra ordinary work and unique thinking had in

Yasmeen Lari

Yasmeen Lari, first female architect in Pakistan, takes on projects in rural Pakistani villages. She


Champa, resident of Mirpur Khas decided to address the issue of wood burning with her hard work.

Master Ayub

Master Ayub, has been enlightening the lives of underprivileged children by providing them with free

Zymal Umar

Zymal Umar, owner of Zee Bags, a young girl with a zeal to make a positive mark on our society, crea

Fahad Ali

Fahad Ali, an ordinary man with a resolve to do something extra-ordinary for the under privileged ch

Roma Sayyedian

Roma Sayyedian holds the record for being the youngest Microsoft Certified Professionals across the

Azima Haider Zaidi

Azima Haider Zaidi, a disabled girl with hopes to inspire the world.

Aneeqa Bano & Afzal Rasool

Unveiling our next hero, Aneeqa Bano and Afzal Rasool, two individuals who are impacting lives of hu

Nazir Sabir

Our next hero of #Sparkistan is Nazeer Sabir. The spark in him led to climb the highest peaks across

Samar Khan

Our third hero of #Sparkistan is Samar Khan who has proven that there's nothing that a woman can't d

Muhammad Ali

Our second unsung hero of #Sparkistan is Mohammad Ali of Roshni helpline. He has helped many homeles

Dr. Naeem Taj

Revealing our first unsung hero, the guiness world record holder for removing the largest gall bladd

Sparkistan 2.0

For Sparkistan 2.0 Atlas Battery seeked to highlight the individuals of the differently abled and their inspiring stories. These heroes are featured below:

Zarina Hasan

Zarina Hasan, a blind rock climber, painter and a social activist

Elizar Iqbal

Elizar Iqbal, nothing could break his willpower to play football, not even losing a hand in an accid

Asif Patel

Asif Patel, automobile mechanic, who challenges blindness and accomplishes the almost impossible.

Moiz Shaukat

Moiz Shaukat, a motivational speaker, a writer and an excellent student, who battles paralysis every

Nosheen Aslam

Nosheen Aslam, the courageous jewelry artist who does not consider disability a hurdle.

Imran Ghanchi

Imran Ghanchi, a wheelchair-bound mechanic defying all odds to create customized rickshaws for NOWPD

Farah Vohra

Farah Vorha, a Down Syndrome patient, making waves as Swimming Champion at the Special Olympics.

Farhat Rasheed

Farhat Rasheed, a Cerebral Palsy patient, who is eager to serve humanity through her Show You Care F

Haseeb Abbasi

An autism patient, special Olympics athlete leader and cyclist

Naveed Butt

Naveed Butt is an example for us. A polio-stricken received a gold medal and proved himself to be a

Matloob Qureshi

Matloob Qureshi has set a benchmark! An opening batsman in Pakistan disabled cricket team.

Dr. Anam Najam

Dr. Anam Najam, a paraplegic patient who has been practicing psychiatrist. What a remarkable achieve

Mubeen Ansari

Mubeen Ansari, a deaf photographer has inspired millions around him

Sparkistan 3.0

Sparkistan 3.0 is a platform by Atlas Battery which celebrates the unsung heroes, selfless individuals who represent the best of who we can be. Their extraordinary efforts during a pandemic demonstrate our values as a society and they serve as powerful examples of how to make a positive difference in the world.

Zoraiz Riaz Syed

After receiving a call from his neighbor to help them get blood plasma to save the life of their fat

Waqas Ahmed

Waqas took it upon himself to raise awareness about the importance of masks and sanitizers

Waqas Bin Nasir

During the lockdown, when people were confined within the boundaries of their homes, many underwent


Tayyab, a young boy, noticed how his mother was having a troublesome time making his younger sister


The rugged terrain of Baluchistan made it difficult to help people stuck in the remote areas of the


Rukhsana witnessed the hunger and suffering around her during the COVID-19 enforced lockdown and fed

Phul Jakhro

Phul Jakhro researched on the internet and educated himself about the COVID-19 spread, its signs and

Syeda Fatima

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, access to healthy and hygienic food became a challenge.

Ishaq Khan

The first wave of COVID-19 spread panic throughout the country.

Dr. Fawad

When his town was hit hard by the virus, Dr. Fawad, originally a neuro-physician,

Aziz Abdul

When the whole world underwent a global crisis and people of all ages were adversely affected by the

Asif Murad

When COVID-19 hit Pakistan, most of the attention was given to the bigger cities and metropolitans w

Ehsan Uz Zaman

When the world went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the common man and working class com