Spark To Move Ahead

Spark To

Move Ahead

  • Experience of over 40 years, having been incorporated in 1966 in collaboration with Japan Storage Battery Company Limited.
  • Leading OEM & Motorcycle battery manufacturer in Pakistan.
  • Pioneer in Dry-Charge and Heavy Duty Batteries.
  • The only battery company in the industry having a joint venture with a foreign company (G.S. Yuasa Japan).
  • Equipped with a sophisticated Laboratory having the latest equipment for testing the performance of battery and Spectrophotometer of testing metals engaged in manufacturing of lead acid batteries.
  • The key technical and management staffs are foreign qualified and trained.
  • First one to introduce CNG, Diesel & Rickshaw Batteries.
  • Frequent visits by Japanese battery experts to ensure international quality.
  • State of the art in-house research & development facility.
  • Automatic assembly plant.
  • ISO-9002 & ISO-9002-2000E Certified for Quality Standard.
  • Awarded World Quality Commitment Award, by BID Madrid, Spain.
  • Largest dealer and service network in Pakistan.
  • 2nd largest manufacturer of automotive batteries.